Key to map symbols

Road types
  Dual carriageway
  Single carriageway
  Road with tidal flow in operation
  Road under construction or proposed
Road classifications
  Motorway   autoroute, autobahn, autosnelweg, autostrada, autopista
  Trunk / primary route   route nationale, Belgium First / Second Network
  Other main road   A road, route municipale, Belgium Third Network
  Regional road   B road, route departmentale, Belgium Fourth Network
  Unclassified or other local road
General symbols
  Service area
  Rest area
  Truck stop
  Toll plaza
For clarity, toll plazas are only shown on the mainline - they can also be found on the entry and exit slip roads at junctions
  Major bridge or viaduct over watercourse
  Major bridge or viaduct over other feature
  International boundary
  International boundary with border control point
Service and Rest Areas - facilities
  Parking - usually free for the first two or three hours unless staying at an on-site hotel
  Fuel filling station
  LPG (CNG) availlable at the filing station
  Hydrogen availlable at the filing station
  Electric vehicle charging point
  Toilets and restroom facilities
  Changing Places facility
  Cafeteria and/or light snacks
  Restaurant and/or hot fast food
  Kiosk selling light snacks and drinks to go
  Tourist information
  Shop selling local or regional produce and souvenirs
  Picnic area
  Dog walking area
  Hotel or motel
  HGV facilities not available at  this site
Service and Rest Areas - principal operators
Parking   Areas
  Gruppe Thurau
Toll plaza payments
  Cash payments accepted
  Card payments accepted
  Toll tagging available
  Payments can be made online